We are working on keeping the space safe and ready for opening. We have some new training rules for everybody:


Booking online is essential. The class size will be no more than 6 students

On arrival temperature will be taken, if it is over 37.8 entry will be refused

Heat Pump Service
Men Clothing Store

Arrive in your training clothes

Hand washing is essential! we will also have a hand sanitising station in the space

Blue on white spray bottle

We will clean all mats inbetween classes. The equipment cannot be sprayed, but we will rotate and quanantine equipment between 48-72 hrs (recommended by Gov.uk)

Running Tracks

It will be 1 piece of equipment to each student, spaces/training bays will be marked out inline with distancing

Alarm Clock

Classes and open practice will be shorter, but having 1 piece of equipment to train on will make up for this

There will not be any sharing of rosin, or any other equipment ie: therabands, peanuts etc...(we will have clean unused rosin pouches for sale)

Magic Hand

Instructors will remain socially distanced, spotting will be at a distance, but in situations when we feel the student is at risk we will step in